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24 juillet 2006 1 24 /07 /juillet /2006 10:13

Sunday, Marseilles

Thirty one lovely ladies (and one fine gentleman) arrive today from America. A miracle – the ladies are so subdued; so sublime. They attend to my every word as if honey were dripping from my lips. This will be an easy week.


Monday, Aix-en-Provence

Thirty one RENEWED ladies (and one fine gentleman from America). It is not a problem. The day will go well. I am in charge.


Tuesday, Lauris

Mon Deiu! Thirty one VIGOUROUS ladies (and one fine gentleman) from America meet HOW MANY equally vigorous ladies from Lauris ? How is a man to speak ? How is a man to seize control of this mob ? Quelle horror!


Wednesday, Moustiers Ste Marie

Today we shop……I think it is all over for me….maybe no….


Thursday, Avignon 

It is all over for me…Thirty one FRENZIED ladies (and one fine gentleman) from America. Is there enough fabric in all of France to satisfy these monsters ? The bags are heavy with fabric. The bus lumbers over the countryside. The thirty one ladies are intoxicated with the joy of the hunt. (The fine gentleman begins to look a little bewildered – can you say “VISA” ?)


Friday, Avignon

Ahhh…….a walking tour of historic Avignon. There is so much to learn. The Romans… THE French popes….the Palais du Papes. Wait a minute. Where did everybody go ? SHOPPING!!!!!


Saturday, Arles

Sacre Bleu ! It is like herding cats ! I cannot tell them any plan ahead of time for fear they will run wild in the streets looking for even more shops !


Sunday Morning 4:00 am, Marseilles

Dear lord, thank you for a long and fruitful life. If you can find it in your heart to help me, please let me get these thirsty one ladies (and one fine gentleman) back to America where they belong !


Sandy Felthousen

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